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Los AngelesHollywood Tours will pick you up in front of the terminal at the LA Airport. And you can bring your luggage with you or you can live at the Airline in the terminal. In order to get the most exiting "LA HOLLYWOOD TOURS' of all times. We will take you in no time to see the most Popular "Hot Spots" in LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, The Movie Stars Homes, Santa Monica and Venice Beach (Muscle Beach). And we will bring you back to the same terminal at the end of the tour. Ahead of time to the next flight. This famous Tour can be as long as you want: 2-3-4-5-6- or 7 hours for the same price. Is up to you!. Our private Tours are designed only for you and your family or friends. So you can enjoy the tour in the privacy of our luxury vehicles. And the beauty of Los Angeles and Hollywood or Beverly Hills.

We will be waiting for your call or text message. And in no time you and your party will be enjoying our most Popular Tours ever, for a very affordable price.

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ADULTS $89  AND KIDS $75   (minimum 3 people)

LA Layover Tours   Hollywood Layover Tours   



Discover the most affordable and exciting "Los Angeles Hollywood Tours" of all times, with our Tour experts from "LA Hollywood Tours". Every Tour from  Los Angeles Hoollywood Tours is customized to cover all your needs. So you can enjoy it with your family and friends as soon as you can.

We'll pick you up from your hotel (at no cost to you) and take you around to see the most fascinating "Hot spots" in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Universal Studios, Disneyland and bring you back to the same location at the end of the Tour.

Our LA Hollywood Tours are reazonably priced, due to the amazing value and amount of sightseeing that you are going to experience with us in a day.

Our local drivers know the city and the traffic very well and will take you around, to see the most fascinating hot-spots and landmarks seen on TV and movies all over the world.

Our customers say they could never see this much themselves in one day.

Contact us now for a fantastic tour package at prices that won't break your budget.

We Do it All for You. Office hours are: 24/7.



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        TOUR                           TIME                           ADULT                            CHILD < 11                
LOS ANGELES TOURS         6 or 7 hrs.                 $69      $65              $58        $54        
LA Tours from Anaheim            6  or 7 hrs                  $65     $60           
  $54         $50       
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS (tickets includ.)            
  All Day                            $140     $130                                      $130      $120                                

WARNER BROTHERS         and Hollywood

  7  or 8 hrs                                                     

  $115     $110                                                 

  $95        $90                                                 


 7  or  8  hrs               $80      $75              $65        $60        
 4  or  5  hrs                                                       $55      $50                                                      $45       $40                                                
LA Grand City Tour  6  or  7 hrs                                                      $85       $80                                                      $65     $60                                              
LA Movie Stars Homes & Beach Tour    6  or  7  hrs                                                          $69       $64                                                      $59      $54                                                
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS & Movie Stars Homes    All Day                                                                 $136      $131                                                  $116     $112                                              

WARNER BROTHERS and Stars Homes  #10* 

  3/4 day         $94         $89                                                  
  $83           $77                                                
DISNEYLAND PARK & California Adventure #11 All Day $135  $130 $125 $120
Knotts Berry Farm #12 All Day $90     $85 $80 $75

Six Flags Magic Mtn. #12A

All Day $94     $89 $84 $79
GETTY MUSEUM & MOVIE STARS HOMES #14 All Day $74     $69 $55 $50
SEA WORLD SAN DIEGO  All Day $140  $134 $130 $124
SAN DIEGO ZOO#16* All Day $115   $110 $100 $95
TIJUANA MEXICAN BORDER SHOPPING#17* All Day $105   $100 $90 $85


All Day $120   $115 $100 $95
LA AIRPORT LAYOVER TOURS #19 limited time $94     $89

$80 $75

  4 - 7 hours                                                     $94     $89 $75 $70
LA WINE TASTING & Hollywood Tour #21      
 3 - 4 hours                                                       .      
   $70       $65                                    
     $60       55                                              

LA BREA TAR PITS & Hollywood Tour #22  

 3 - 4 hours                                       
  $65         $60                                      
  $55        $50                                      


(*minimum 3 people)


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